Proms & Evening wear

Mascara Collection

Mascara has found fashion’s magical midway point between edgy and sexy and has won the hearts of the cynical fashion press. The Mascara Collection has been experiencing rapid growth season on season  and has won the highly respected accolade  for the Best British Occasion and Evening Wear Brand.

Book an appointment with us and you will receive the same V.I.P service our Brides’ do, from the very first appointment right up until your Prom or Event date. Please also look at our Shoe range as our shoes can be dyed to match any colour of your chosen Prom gown!

We have a wonderful collection of gowns and a database to prevent any duplicate gowns at the same event no matter how big or small!

If you are having a difficult time finding the perfect dress we are happy to sit down and explore the entire collection available to us. And we do draw attention that some of the photos used are designer photos and not all gowns are in our collection as our stock is constantly changing. 

Price Range: £169.00 to £500.00