Mens Formalwear Hire

Stag Room

Burr Bridal Men Formal Hire for Weddings, Race Days or Parties has everything you require to look dapper and groomed to perfection. On entering the  “Men Only”  Stag Room, Grooms  & their Stags will feel totally at ease when choosing their suits from the award winning range from Anthony formal hire wear, whom offer the highest quality classic styles to suit your occasion. Our packages consist of Jacket, Trouser, Waistcoat and Brand New Shirt which you keep, Tie and Handkerchief, Braces and Cufflinks.

We at Burr Bridal want to give brides and grooms the opportunity to completely customise the right look for your special day. We will help walk you through the perfect look for each of you from fit, colour and design.


” There are so many choices for suit hire for a wedding day but above all I wanted quality bespoke suits to reflect who I am in everyday. My partner and I couldn’t have been happier with the helpful staff at Burr Bridal, they handled every detail and every custom change the party needed. Great stag room, Thank you again! “

– Price list below –

10% off (tux hire for students) & 10% off for our BURR BRIDES

Here are a couple options provided by our lovely Anthony Formal Hire, at Burr Bridal we create so many custom looks so please come in and let us find the right look for you!

At Burr Bridal we create the opportunity to have every look you can imagine, please have a look at at for inspiration and all the stock provided here.

– This is just a preview of options available –

Price List

Lightweight & Slim Fit Lounge Suit: £169.00

Boys: £130.00

Herringbone Lounge Suit: £150.00

Traditional Tails: £189.00

Wedding Tuxedo: £175.00

Basic Tuxedo Package: £99.00

– We do offer single pieces for hire and all prices are available in store –