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Dear our future brides, We do apologise for the inconvenience however we are having an error with our online booking system.

You can make an appointment with us via email @ or give us a call at 01223 323230 

Thank you so much for your patience and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Booking Appointments ~

Please select a day and time slot from the calendar below. Please note, weekday appointments are free-of-charge, weekend appointments are chargeable. Please see the booking form for further details.

** Our cancellation policy:  Weekdays we do appreciate a phone call or email if you do not plan to keep your appointment. For a refund of your Saturday Appointments we must have 5 working days notice . As the £10 charge is used to reserve the time slot for you and your party which removes it from our booking system for anyone else who wishes to visit on that day. In the case of rescheduling We are more than happy to move any appointment you wish without occurring any other booking fees. You can just call us at 01223 323230 if you have any questions.